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My competition prep with Breanne Seward was the most positive, empowering and uplifting experience.  It is clear from the first contact that you are receiving individualized attention and that your nutrition and training plan is based on your exact requirements.  Whenever I had a question, it was answered quickly and professionally.  At all times I felt confident that I was getting the right advice for me specifically.  Breanne's personal experience with competing herself, along with her further education in the sciences of training, supplementation, and nutrition is a rare combination.  This, along with her genuine interest in my physical, mental and emotional well-being enabled me to obtain my best conditioning to date while maintaining a balanced personal life and work life.  I was awarded my best placings so far in women's physique with a 2nd place finish at Provincials and 4th place at Canadian Nationals.  I have no doubt I will present a better package each year that I work with Breanne.
Karien Lanenga 
My name is Cara Roberts and I am proud to call Breanne Seward my coach. Since working with Bree I have not only learned so much about fitness, nutrition and competing...but much more about myself.
I originally set out to work with her to help me bring a better package to the stage as a figure competitor this past year at provincials. Together we not only accomplished this, but I also earned an overall title in masters as well as 2nd place in the open division. I am now double qualified for nationals, and could not be happier. All of her hard work was proven with my physique, conditioning, tan and even the shade of lipstick she rushed from home to me on show day!
I continue to work closely with Bree and recieve the utmost care an attention ...and have big plans for what we will bring to the stage once again!
I'm enjoying a healthy, happy lifestyle every day... But the best part is the friendship I have made with this amazing woman that means more to me than any trophy :)
Cara Roberts- Figure Competitor, Famous Artist and Mother
I've already competed over a handful of times and was quite familiar with dieting, training and competition prep. I didn't think I needed a trainer/coach because I was pretty experienced but after a disappointing showing I contacted Breanne to help me prepare for an upcoming show. In just a month and a half her program put me in my best quality show condition to date and I went on to place in the BC's and then capture a first place finish at Nationals. Her exercise program is challenging to say the least but believe me, you will get the results you want! I have learned so much from Breanne and she is always there to support you and answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking of competing, Breanne is the coach who will get you to the top!
Christine Chou- Figure Competitor
I met Bre in February for my first posing class. She critiqued and watched patiently while we practiced
our posing and routines over and over again until we got it down pat. She encouraged us to contact
her in weak moments so she could talk us through them. When Bre said things like this it really made
me realize how much she cared about us. It wasn’t long before she made us girls feel like a family. Bre
was extremely helpful with everything involved with preparing me for the stage from gown selection to
hair and makeup and much more. Having graced the stage with her amazing physique numerous times
before her input was invaluable.
Sharon Amer
I met Bre just under a year ago after my first competition. I was having trouble figuring out my next step for another show but after meeting with her and seeing pictures of the girls she had trained I knew she was going to be an amazing coach and I was right. She listened to everything I wanted and helped me make it happen, I couldn't believe the changes I had made from one comp to the next just with the proper training and diet. She is such great support, especially while I was going through so many up's and downs. She kept me motivated, and what a great feeling to have someone help you reach your goals! I will be continuing to work with Bre for many more shows and highly recommend her to anyone. No matter what your fitness goals are she can get you there! Thank you Bre!
Amy Hopkins- Bikini Competitor, Hair Dresser at Mint
Breanne Seward is a wonderful trainer! I had met with a few previous to her and Breanne stood out, her no nonsense, get right down it it approach was what I wanted. We met and figured out exactly what I wanted to accomplish and created a plan. She is the perfect balance of Mother, Friend and Trainer. She made me feel "right at home" discussing weight, body, and hurdles along the way. Breanne had my full trust the entire process, as she was able to answer all my questions and often shared in her experiences.
She keeps things in perspective and "industry" out of it. I am confident when I say Breanne actually cares about your progress.I highly recommend Breanne to anyone looking for someone to work with whether the goal be big or small.  
Alana MacNeil - Bikini Competitor
I met Breanne a year ago when I signed up for my first fitness competition which was the start of my transformation! The weight training plan and guidance that she provided to me has been very useful. I followed the meal plan and the training schedule 100%! I also followed her basic supplement plan to reach my fitness goals. I would take my AMS CARNITINE every morning and evening before my workouts. I did not miss one workout and if it was not on the meal plan, I did not eat it! YES! In less than 3 months, I achieved what so many think impossible! Breanne was constantly observing my technique and offering suggestions. She stressed the importance of doing each exercise properly in order to get the maximum benefit. Her Posing classes she had included for the team has helped me create confidence on stage aswell as offstage. Overall, Breanne is very pleasant to work with. She is a true professional! I would recommend her to anyone prepping for a fitness competition or wishing to improve their health and fitness! Thank you Breanne for being the Best Coach anyone could ask for! Love my Team TightBodies!
Ida Borairi- Bikini Competitor, Active Body Sales Associate

I've been working with Breanne for almost a year. A friend recommended her when I started preparing for my first competition - I needed some advice on training and diet, and I had no experience at all on stage. She was an enormous help and we've gone on to do a number of different competitions together. Her nutrition and workout plans are simple to follow but challenging and effective. Leading up to my competitions I met her once a week for a one-on-one posing session, and also went to her regular posing classes. Her tips and advice have helped me make huge advances in my posing! Her approach is professional but always friendly, she's always available whenever I have any questions and replies really fast with helpful tips. I'm completely hooked now on competing on stage and with her help and support my results have improved greatly. It's fantastic working with Breanne and I would definitely highly recommend her to anyone.
Thank you Breanne!

Aydanur Sirin - Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist

3rd Place WBFF BC Bikini Model, 1st Place SWFC 2011 Bikini Masters

I recently took 2 years off of dieting after a re-bound from a previous competition.It was not until this year that I decided I would like to givecompeting another try.  I wanted to go about it a different and more healthy way, which I couldsustain for life.  After looking online, I found Breanne and researched her techniques andclients. I thought that she would be a good fit for me. I decided to e-mail herand inquire about an upcoming show.  She answered my e-mail immediately and gave me all the information Ineeded.  After I met with her, I immediately wanted to start prep with her as mycoach. It was a feeling I haven’t had in awhile – Excitement towork hard and on a plan to success!!!  I have been working with Breanne for one month and am already noticinghuge differences in my training, cardio and body composition. My clothes arelooser and I feel leaner already!  She always answers e-mails on time, watches your progress and adjusts workoutsand diet programs as needed.  She is genuinely interested in your success and happiness!  I am looking forward to my competition future with Breanne by my side as my coach.

Andrea Banford - Insruance broker, Bikini Competitor

I began training with Breanne in October of 2011, looking for a way to overcome my plateaus and loose a bit of extra fat I did not realize what I was getting myself into having Bre as my trainer! Not only did she create a personalized workout plan for me, she incorporated a nutrition and supplement plan as well designed to assist my workouts so I could achieve maximum results. In November of 2011 I decided to enter the BCABBA Western Canada Body building competition as a figure competitor. Breanne’s expertise in contest prep was essential in me transforming from an everyday kind of woman to the lean muscled machine I was for Kelowna. I still train with Bre today-not only is she creating a safe on to off season program for me; she is helping me prep for the Sandra Whickham body building show this coming fall. Should you be interested in competing or merely looking to get into a fit healthy active lifestyle I highly recommend Breanne and Team Tight Bodies as the place to go for comprehensive complete personal training and nutrition!!

Jewell Allen- Figure Competitor

Hi my name is Angela Campardo, I met Breanne in the summer, and she started training me 2 days a week one hour each time, I noticed a difference in less than a month, my body percent went down 4.3 % in about a month, which was totally amazing.  Breanne is a trainer that is there for you and will help you achieve whatever goals you are looking for, she is a kind woman very easy to get along with and is the BEST trainer I have ever had, she is very experienced and knows what she is doing in her training and talking about with her nutrition, and takes the time to help you will not only exercise and nutrition but listens to your needs. She is an amazing person and I am so happy I was able to have the chance to work with her.  She is flexible , and is always on time, she works you hard, and from that you will get to your goal.  I know anyone she trains or that is in her path will be more than happy with her work ethic, and would be happy just knowing her.  I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a trainer.  Angela Campardo

I have been training with Breanne for 11 weeks and am so happy with my amazing results so far.  I have always played competitive sports, but Breanne has taken my workouts to another level.  I am getting lean and toned exactly where I want and building muscles in all the right places.  I love the program she has me on and she is always adjusting it to push me harder in order to continue getting the results I want.   She is an amazing trainer who genuinely cares about each individual client and keeps you motivated to keep going.  I absolutely love going to see Breanne for our workouts even though she pushes me so insanely hard.  I have learned so much from her about nutrition and working out in order to maximize my results.  The fact that Breanne truly loves fitness and training is so evident in her own lifestyle and how she treats her clients.  Thank you Breanne for your friendship, all your genuine support, motivation, time and care that you have invested in me.  I am only sorry I didn’t start training with you years ago, but I certainly will continue training with you for many more years to come.     

Jess  Hoffmann - Flight Attendant


I met Breanne in 2010 on a referral from a friend after attempting to diet and train myself for a competition. Since then Breanne has been the best thing that has happened for my lifestyle and physique. She is dedicated, encouraging, supportive, passionate, and an expert in what she knows and what she does! It’s wonderful to have everything laid out in one simple plan.  Her diet plan specifies exactly what to eat, and her workouts are thorough, challenging, and always changing. Breanne makes things incredibly easy: if I stick to the plan she gives me I will see results, without fail! She constantly monitors and makes alterations to workouts and diet plans based on my fitness goals and foods I like to eat. Over the time I’ve known Breanne, she has quickly learned how my body reacts to specific training and foods, and created ever improving plans specifically tailored for me. The longer I train with her the better she is at fine tuning my end results. As long as I continue competing, I will be bringing Breanne along with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to compete, or to anyone who wants to have the body they never knew they could have.

Marina DeVeiteo - Graphic Designer, Figure/Bikini Competitor


I started training with Breanne in April 2011. She really listened to what my fitness goals were and then tailored a meal and exercise plan that was going to help me achieve them. I train with Breanne 3 times a week and have been following her meal and exercise plans for 7 months. I’ve lost 10% body fat and 15lbs.  I’m healthier then ever and have never felt so great in a bikini.  Breanne really cares about the success of her clients and has empowered me with knowledge and support to achieve my fitness goals and make healthy food choices. It’s great to have someone like Breanne on my side. She’s an amazing athlete, mentor, and friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get their body in its best shape. You won’t be disappointed.

Blake Elizabeth- Actress

Breanne, my coach and leader of team reflex hardcore is ideal for anyone who wants to be the best they can be. Weather your goal is to maintain, gear up and trim down or simply to learn about health and wellness Breanne is your lady. She has been mine since summer of 2010, developing meal plans, training and cheering me on all the way. I to date have been an athlete in 5 fitness completions, with Breanne by my side we have always placed. I have won first, first overall, second, third and fourth including a scholarship to become a certified sport nutrition advisor. With the benefits of being a reflex team member and her as my coach  i have been able to maintain a winning record, and one day achieve my ultimate goal (pro card). I am already in anticipation for our off season to commence, this is how excited she makes me feel about wellness. Although i utilize her personal experiences, talent and knowledge to assist me as a fitness model i am confident that regardless of ones goal she is a ideal trainer and can cater to all athletic and health enthusiasts. Believe me when i say she is one of a kind and truly "coach of the year". These days, there is a large saturation of personal trainers and has the potential to create difficulty in finding "the one". Breanne  separates herself from them as she is genuinely passionate about helping others achieve personal goals, she will not B.S you and she listens to what is working or not working and is able to tailor plans that will work.......the healthy and smart way. I am very glad to have been blessed with a wonderful coach and am a better person since working with her. I am far more confident, educated, healthier and much happier.

Dana Sands - RMT- Figure Competitor 1st Place SWFC Figure Short

Before I started training with Breanne I had a naturally lean build
that resisted gaining size. My workout routine hit a plateau as I was
lifting the same weight and was used to a routine which lacked
variety. Breanne gave me the knowledge and tools to improve my over
all physique as well as my general health with a varied and intense
workout regime. Within the past 10 months I have made fantastic
progress and am well on my way to reaching my goal physique. I am
currently lifting an average of 30 per cent heavier than what I
formally trained with. Breanne offers challenging workouts with proven
results as well she is an incredibly motivating trainer.

TJ Taylor - Fashion Industry Icon

Almost ten years ago, I went to a fitness competition workshop and from that point on, it has been my dream to compete.  Unfortunately, life circumstances were such
that I was unable to follow through with the intense training that was necessary and my dream became more and more distant.  I started really thinking about competing again this year and found myself down at REFLEX YALETOWN discussing this with the really friendly guy that happened to be working that day. He ended up handing me Breanne’s card and I called her that very afternoon!  From there began one of the most challenging, exciting and inspiring journeys of my life!  I started with 3 months of off-season training, followed by 3 months of on-season training. Bre quickly got to know my body like no other trainer had before. She seemed to have an innate ability to know exactly what my individual training needs were.  Extremely attentive and passionate about what she does, she was with me every step of the way, constantly checking in with me, and making changes and adjustments when needed.  What occurred was a complete body transformation!  I went on to compete in the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic and took 1st place in my class..and Breanne was there to cheer me (and the rest of our "team") on from the crowd!!!  I am extremely excited about the future; I believe this is just the start of my fitness endeavors with Breanne by my side! An exceptional trainer, Bre truly cares about bringing forth the best in each and every one of her clients (I would know, I got to know her other "girls"). I don’t just think of Bre as my trainer anymore as I know consider her a dear friend."

Sarah Bryans - Personal Trainer

1st Place SWFC Bikini Short, 4th place BC Championships 2011


 "Hi my name is Alisa Stern and I have been competing on and off since 2003. I did my last show in the spring of 2006 and took a good four or so years off from competing. I have always been in pretty decent shape as I have been training in the gym for many years. When I competed in the past I did not feel that I was in the best shape that I possibly should have been in, so I knew if I was going to do a show again that I would have to step it up a few notches. I decided to seek out the perfect trainer to help me achieve my goal to get into tip top shape. I was so fortunate to meet Breanne through another friend of mine and from then on I was on my way to perfection. Breanne is extremely knowledgeable and will design a program that works perfect for you. She not only changes your diet and workout programs regularly to constantly shock the body but she also calls, emails, trains you weekly, has you weigh in once a week and measures and does a body fat check to insure that you stay on track and stick to the plan. Bre cares so much about her clients and puts 100 percent into her work. I just finished my first show after being away from the competitive scene for years and came second out of twelve girls and being my first time doing figure I was so happy. I was in the best shape of my life and have Bre to thank for that. If anyone is looking for a trainer I would highly recommend Bre, she will definitely help you achieve any personnel goals that you have set for yourself be it a fitness competition or to just get into perfect shape."

 Alisa Stern- Teacher

2nd place Figure Masters SWFC 2010

"I started training when I was 15 years old, I did my 1st show when I turned 40.  Along the 25 years of training at a gym and seeing other people be trained, myself included I truly never achieved the results that I did then when I was trained by Breanne.  Not only has our friendship become stronger but my complete faith in her knowledge of the human body and how to achieve ones goals. Breanne not only helped me win 5th in masters and 3rd in medium height at the Kelowna show on May 22nd 2010, she also helped me work threw some of the worst conflicts I had with myself.  I truly am more confident today then ever before, Breanne is a wealth of knowledge and takes her training seriously, to heart and continues to educate herself and her clients.  If you have a question she will have the answer, even if it means going home after a long day at work and training, Breanne will research to find the answer.  I have read a lot lately and heard as well what makes a great trainer just that, and Breanne fits ever bit of what someone or any book has to write or talk about. Thank you Breanne for everything that you are, there truly is not enough words to describe how I feel about you. Esther

 Esther Bell- Nail Tech - Angel Nails By Esther

3rd Place Figure Medium, 5th Place Masters Kelowna Western Canadians 2010

"When I first met Breanne, she was getting ready to do her first show at the Sandra Wickham looking like the girls from the magazines-Unreal!...I was "skinny fat"-loved to work out and never knew how to eat properly (with proper portion sizes etc)... and I thought "how do you look like that and can I do it?"!! She was so knowledgeable with my million and one questions, when it came to training she corrected me on even the littlest mistakes. To me this was so important to have someone know it all, and because of this I was able to see results that I have never seen before in my life! With Breanne being a competitor as well, she really knows the right ways of dieting and knowing what works and I love how she is always trying new things with herself to always take it to the next level for her and her clients! If good health and fitness goals are in your mind, I tell all my friends about Breanne!!"

 Alisha Berg- Hairdresser
1st place pro card winner wbff

I met Breanne through a good friend a little over 2 years ago now and boy am I glad I did.  Over the last 2 years she has guided and supported me through 2 shows. Breanne is so much more than a personal trainer; she is more like an encyclopedia of health, fitness, and nutrition!  The fact that Breanne is a competitor as well as a personal trainer speaks volumes about her too.  She truly practices that which she preaches. Working with Breanne has been a rich learning experience.  I recently competed in masters figure division at a local BCABBA show and have never looked better - I was tighter, leaner, with a more defined and balanced physique.  I soon will be hitting a milestone birthday and am going to hit it in the best shape of my life which is something that will stay with me forever!  If a friend is looking for a personal trainer who really knows their stuff and gets results, I send them straight to Breanne because I know she will get the job done. 

Michelle Johnston- Personal Trainer

Placed top 5 Muscle Model Fame West 2010

"Breanne was an amazing support and wealth of knowledge when i was preparing for bikini nationals this past August.  I have never competed before and she did my diet and training program helped me with all the show preparation.  I would highly recommend her for competition preparation, or as a great, passionate personal trainer who will get you the results that you want.  I placed second at my competition with her motivation, dedication and commitment to my success." 

 Jennifer Morris - Personal Trainer

2nd Place Canadian Bikini Nationals 2009


"I have been training with Breanne for just over a month and have had the most amazing result I have ever experienced!  I got into working out over a year ago and did not have knowledge on how to train for the results i was looking for.  Breanne has also taught me nutrition and what is important in our daily diet to lead a healthy life style. I had always been a person that said I would never go on a meal plan but I got Breanne to write one for me and I was shocked on all the options she gave me and how much I enjoyed my meals . I look forward to getting up and starting my days off at the gym, I never thought it was possible to really love working out until Breanne has been my trainer.  I recommend Breanne to anyone that is looking for someone with Knowledge in nutrition, physical health and wants the best results of their life."

Chelsea Taylor- Model









































































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