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I have been training with Breanne for 7 months now and never did I imagine in that short period of time I would be closer of achieving my dream of being fit, healthy, and truly happy within myself.  I have worked with many other trainers and have tried every type of fitness class out there thinking that my goals would be met.  I've also tried everything from juice cleanses to the new fad diets which did nothing for me long term, inevitably gaining the weight back.  Since training with Breanne I have lost 25 pounds and gained self-care back into my life.  She taught me the importance of making health my priority and with the total lifestyle change.  She worked with me to figure out the best meal plan that suited me, check-in's every session, and constant support if I had any questions or concerns.  With her incredible knowledge, skill, support and reliability Breanne has given me, I will be forever grateful.  Myself and others not only see the results but I feel a new sense of self worth emerging.  I look forward to the future with Breanne, setting new goals and knowing with her by my side, I will achieve them.

Alina Tuck (Professional Makeup Artist)



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